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Accompany the child to build blocks and exercise his brain thinking

Accompany the child to build blocks and exercise his brain thinking

Building blocks are an indispensable toy for children now, and children who often play with building blocks have a good effect on the development of the brain. It is really a pity for a child who has no experience of playing with building blocks in his childhood, because there is a lot of fun through building blocks. Wouldn't it be a pity to miss it? Often accompany the child to play the game of building blocks, not only to exercise the brain development, but also to exercise his eye coordination ability, and the balance of physical coordination ability are all useful. It not only allows him to give full play to his imagination, but also uses his brain to manage space and arrange objects. The manufacture and structure of space, continuous innovative thinking, every time there are new discoveries and structures . Give full play to your imagination and creativity, exercise your thinking ability, and improve your vision and sense of touch. Shapes can also be compared to identify different shapes and structures. What kind of wholes they can build makes his study of shape a new experience each time. The color of the blocks will also give him a visual impact and stimulate his color discrimination. Building blocks are a toy that can exercise children's intelligence in many ways, and are easy for children to like. Now almost every child has this kind of toy, but many parents do not have time to play with their children, so it is always forgotten in the corner, or they simply play by themselves, and some even put it away! Such a fun toy, we shouldn't let it be a decoration, make the most of it Get up!
How to choose the right toy for your child?

How to choose the right toy for your child?

Toys are indispensable companions for children. Toys can not only be used to play, but also can promote the development of children's minds. With the development of science and technology, the patterns of toys emerge in an endless stream, and the styles are changing with each passing day. It is really unrealistic to buy every kind of toy for children. On the one hand, the financial strength of most families does not allow it. On the other hand, it is easy for children to develop the habit of not cherishing, wasting, and liking the new. So how do you choose the right toy for your child? First, the safety of toys The safety of children is the most important thing. When parents choose toys for their children, they must check whether the material of the toy is safe, non-toxic, and has no odor. Children are small and like to put things in their mouths. The materials are unknown, and toys with potential safety hazards should never be bought. Also pay attention to whether there are sharp or thorny places on the surface of the toy, the child's skin is tender, be sure to check carefully, and do not accidentally injure the child. Second, choose toys according to the age of the child Children of different ages need different toys. Children aged 0-2 belong to the perceptual motor stage. Children rely on perceptual movements to adapt to the external world. They can choose toys that can make sounds, are brightly colored, and are easy to operate, such as rattles, rattles, and drums. Walking small trains, etc. Children of this age like to repeat, these toys can exercise children's muscle strength. You can also buy cloth books or hole books for children, which are fun and can teach children to recognize some common things in life such as colors, fruits, vehicles, and small animals. Children aged 3-6 already have a certain ability to control their own bodies, and their specific image thinking begins to develop. They can choose scooters, bicycles with auxiliary wheels, basketballs and other toys for children. These toys can be a good exercise for children's balance, control and willpower. Children aged 3-6 can buy some picture books. Hard books are not easy for children to tear. After I read it to my child twice, she can look at the pictures and tell it to me, which can not only exercise the child's language skills It can also enrich the child's image and develop the ability of concrete image thinking. Children aged 4-7 are in a sensitive period for identity confirmation. Children like to play various roles to satisfy their curiosity, and the game they especially like to play is playing house. Children like to pretend to be fathers or mothers, teachers, doctors, policemen and other roles, so parents can buy toys for children, such as dolls, barbies, doctor tools, kitchen toys, police cars, etc., to experience what different roles and occupations do. . Third, choose toys according to the gender of the child. Choosing toys according to the child's gender can cultivate the child's gender advantage. Of course, this is not absolute, and it can be selected according to the child's preferences. Boys like sports and military toys, such as various guns and various cars. Girls like to take care of people, like to dress up, they can choose Barbie dolls, plush toys or play house toys, these toys can cultivate children's love and sense of responsibility. Fourth, choose the right educational toys Chen Heqin, a famous educator in my country once said: "Puzzle toys occupy a very important position in early childhood education, just like textbooks in primary and secondary schools." Therefore, when choosing toys for children, we must choose children who are interested in them. educational toys.
Picking toys for children, those misunderstandings you don't know

Picking toys for children, those misunderstandings you don't know

There is a saying: only buy the right one, not the expensive one. Most people think that the more expensive the better. Although it is undeniable that toys with slightly higher prices will be slightly better in quality than toys with cheaper prices. But that doesn't mean all the more expensive toys are better. When we choose toys for children, we should choose according to the children's age and personality. Because it is not clear how old your child is, but I can give you some reference advice. A few guidelines to follow when choosing toys: 1/ Choose the right type of toys according to the age of the child If it's a younger child, try not to buy beads, paint, crayons, and all other toys that can be a safety hazard. For example, a child who is only 8 months to 1 year old is the sensitive period of the hands and mouth. If parents buy small beads, paint and other toys for their children, the children will easily put them in their mouths. It is easy to swallow, and paints, crayons and other things are easy to eat or get in the eyes, which is very detrimental to the health and safety of children. 2/ The material and safety of the toy must pass the test Many children's toys are made of plastic. There are many types of plastics. I don't recommend Bao Mom to buy toys for their children at roadside stalls. It's not that cheap toys are bad. However, many toys from roadside stalls are not packaged, and some even do not even have the manufacturer and date. There is no certificate of qualification and whether the manufacturer's toys are qualified and whether they can be used by children is a big problem. Especially plastic toys, etc., toys without manufacturers are likely to be made of waste plastic recycling. The lead content of such plastics will seriously exceed the standard. It is very harmful to children's health. I have seen many children who are restless, do not like to eat, always like to eat fingers or some strange things, all of which are caused by excessive lead content. A large part of the reason is that children are exposed to toys with excessive lead content for a long time. of. 3/ Don't buy uncreative and rigid toys for children. Lots of kids love toys that glow, or flip a switch to run, sing, and walk. But in fact, as an individual, it is not recommended for parents to buy such toys for their children. These toys, which can run, glow, and sing as long as they are installed with batteries, are actually very detrimental to children's brain development and growth. Because playing with these toys does not require any brains, the child is also very easy. Just turn on the switch and watch how the toy "sings", "dances", "forwards" and "backwards" by itself, without the child's hands and brains. Why would you buy a toy like this? Are you just looking for fun for your kids?

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